Longleng District is a strip of mountainous territory having no plains and situated in the Northarn Nagaland. Longleng District has a number of beautiful sightseeing, trekking, fishing, and picnic spots to attract tourists. It provides serenity, peaceful environment unlike disturbence of busy city life. Some of the populer tourist spots are (a) Pongo Village (b) Bhumnyu Village. The Longleng town itself has good senic beauty. Along the sides of Dikhu river and Yongam River tehre are lots of tourist attraction for fishing and picnicking. There are place which are good for rock inscriptions and of attraction for ornithologists and also for watching Tragopan birds. Some places can be marked for rich educational research work for anthropologists. Traditional architecture and old sculptures provide historical background of the past of Longleng and their culture and tradition.

The palce can be a tourist destination in two ways. One by its historical value. Specially the tradition culture and the living lifestyles of Naga people particularly from the remote villages. Secondly, to see the senic beauty of the Place which is fully surrounded by hills and deep jungle.

Longleng District is also popular for its Handicraft itiems. Specialy Shwals, small items made by bamboo etc. For this quality of the Phom people the District is tagged as ” The District of Handicrafts” by the Government.