Animal husbandry

About the Department:

Animal husbandry is a tradition with the Nagas and therefore, rearing of domestic animal such as Cattle, Mithun, Pig and Poultry birds play a significant role in the socio-economic development of the Nagas. Thus, the great responsibility of Veterinary & A.H. Department lies with matters relating to Livestock and Poultry development, prevention of livestock diseases, Diary Development, Feed & Fodder Development including livestock statistics of the state. In other words, the Veterinary & A.H. and Dairying sector also provides gainful self-employment opportunities to the ever-increasing Unemployment problems amongst the educated youths of the state to enable them to contribute family income.
This climatic condition of Nagaland is quite suitable for livestock rearing and for which rearing of livestock has been an integral part of Naga life from time immemorial and symbolic to the health and wealth of a Naga family. The fact may be admitted that out of total Agricultural output value the contribution of livestock sector during 1997 at current prices is accounted for 9.40 percent only of the State Gross Domestic Products (GDP).
In order to accelerate livestock industry during the 10th Five year Plan the focus of the department would be further intensified through appropriate techniques of breeding, feeding, health coverage and production oriented management programme in the coming years.